CyberTV LLC (“CTV” or “Company”) is a pioneer of technology solutions that, after years of development, are now commercial products with everyday application.  CTV provides process management solutions for medium to large sized companies in many sectors.

The Company is privately held limited liability company and has been in business for five years.  Clients that have installed CTV applications exceed 20,000.  The Company is continuously adding cutting edge applications to its portfolio while enhancing existing applications.   CyberTV focuses on customer support and has specialized in the customization and enhancement of its solutions for clients.  

The Company has over thirty applications that it uses to provide the base for its commercially developed products that include intranet, workflow, helpdesk, web development, online streaming, insurance related solutions, course builder and virtual office.  CTV utilizes powerful, web-based applications that provide rapid website development, content management, and collaboration for novice and advanced web developers. The Company uses a core development tool that allows both technical and non-technical people to create and manage very complex, database driven websites and Intranets.

CTV was founded in 2002 after identifying a need for live video streaming.  The success of this initial service led to the development of other products that today make up the company’s portfolio.  In 2003 the Company was engaged to development an online quoting an enrollment solution for the insurance industry.  This product was completed and launched in 2003 with Marsh McLennan as the first customer.  Using these techniques, along with other developed applications, the Company started producing additional products and in 2004 produced the first version of its virtual office and educational products.  

CyberTV is multifaceted company that specializes in the conceptualization, creation and deployment of solutions-oriented software and dynamic applications for the Web.  Our expertise in the areas of rapid deployment programming and rich media development for Internet application allows us to provide clients with a multitude of readily-deliverable and customized services that seamlessly integrate into any function of the enterprise.  The diversity of programming languages 'spoken' by CyberTV's staff gives us the ability to approach a wide range of client challenges and meet a broad range of needs.  From critical data management systems to Web-based business applications to Internet broadcasting and video encoding services, CyberTV provides clients with complete solutions that can reduce infrastructure costs, increase systems reliability, and provide an identifiable return on investment.
Our teams of renowned programmers are expertly versed in nearly every programming, mark-up and assembly language in order to provide our clients with an unmatched level of technical service and support.  Our project managers are seasoned professionals who have the ability to identify solutions and translate client needs into processes that result in exceptional deliverables.